Beast Friend

Beast Friend is a dietary supplement that is provided as a reward for your pet.

We have 2 lines of these products: Dehydrated Friend Grandpet Beast and Beast Friend Grandpet Cookies.


Dehydrated pork product, 100% natural, they also help your dental health and reduce stress love.

Grandpet Beast Friend Natural Cubes (Lung pork)

  • Presentations: 50 gr and 100 gr
    Natural Grandpet Beast Friend Sticks (pig trachea)
  • Presentations: 50 gr and 100 gr
    Grandpet Beast Friend Natural Stripes (Eardrum pork)
  • Presentations: 50 gr and 150 gr
    Natural Friend Beast Grandpet Bone (femur pig)
  • Presentations: 1 and 2 pcs.
  • Cookies Grandpet Beast Friend
    • Presentation: 100 gr