Grandpet Natural Gourmet not contain aritificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  Before traditional grain-based diets existed, dogs fed on nature. 
Grandpet Natural Gourmet provides a diet rich in meat and others nutrients in the same way that nature provides them, contributing to an overall health and a longer life. 

Why Grandpet Natural Gourmet® is a natural and holistic pet food?

Grandpet Natural Gourmet is a 0% grain food with a diet formulated mainly with meat, berries, vegetables and high quality fats, base don the wolf´s diet but adapted to the dogs as a pet. No colors or flavor enhancers chemicals.

The dogs are carnivorous and their digestive system is designed to degrade meat, starting from their teeth that are adapted to tear and to crush, powerful jaws and a small and muscular stomach. Its saliva is alkaline but the stomach has a high quantity of acid that can digest without any problem bones of considerable sizes. 

Therefore, by offering a food with high percentage of meat, you will be offering the food for which your digestive system is designed. 

What's the difference between probiotics and prebiotics? what's their function?

A probiotic is a living microorganism that is implanted in the digestive tract and improves the health of your pet, if it’s administered in adequate amounts and periods. It stimulates the development of immunoglobins and increase the activation of mononuclear cells and limphocytes. 

Prebiotics are fibers or carbohydrates called oligosaccharides, in which we find frutoligosaccharides, galactoolysaccharides and a combination of polysaccharides such as inulin. It’s main benefits are to optimize the function and metabolism of the colon.

**Grandpet Natural Gourmet is complemented with probiotics and prebiotics that improve the absorption of nutrients, avoiding abundant stools.

Sweet Potato

It’s important to mention that there is a minimum need for carbohydrates in the food ration of dogs, and this nutrient may or may not be totally excluded from the diet of canines because they are carnivores, since they can base their diet in fat and meat.

In Grandpet Natural Gourmet use sweet potato, a gluten-free ingredient whose purpose is to improve the texture of the kibble and avoid the formation of pasty stools. 

The sweet potato contains endless nutrients for your pet, improving intestinal health as it´s a food with high fiber content, as well as vitamins that help strengthen eyesight, as well as healthier skin, coat, nerves and muscles. 

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